Why 3G Vehicle Cams Are So Essential – Lower Your Premium!

Dashcam sales are on the rise, and for good reason too! Indeed, 3G vehicle cameras are reportedly saving people up to 50 per cent.

3G Vehicle cameras were a talking point of this year’s Claims Technology Seminar, which is a joing event hosted by  Sopp+Sopp, Collision Management Systems and Intelligent Telematics. The event is held for those in the insurance and fleet sectors, and aims to provide insight into the usage of vehicle cameras in order to proactively make claim management more hassle-free and accurate.

Sam Footer, Head of international Business and Strategic Development at intelligent Telematics reports: “Fleet operators have faced increasing insurance costs in recent years, with the growing culture of fake and dishonest claims, such as cash for crash and exaggerated whiplash injuries, continuing to drive costs up despite less crashes happening”

“This is forcing many fleets to look at new ways to control claim costs by considering camera technology and making their claims process more proactive, so our events will offer useful guidance to fleet and insurance professionals.”

Vehicle Cameras pose a vast array of benefits. Firstly, they provide faster claim handling due to the fact that he incident is recorded, meaning that you don’t have to be in the grey area waiting to see if your premium has risen for months on end. Secondly, Sopp suggests that vehicle cameras can help protect brand protection by defending claims that aren’t the fault of the driver of the business vehicle.

Furthermore, vehicle cameras help to deter organised fraud and theft, meaning that ultimately, as well as potentially lowering the cost of your premium and claims, they are also an effective threat deterrent.

So how to the 3G Vehicle cameras work? Well, the camera will transmit footage of an accident or incident via a secure network in high definition. This video can then be remotely viewed within minutes of the incident online through a personalised web portal. SMS and Email alerts are also generated within seconds of an incident occurring, which means all the information is being provided in real-time. This helps with response times to stolen vehicles, or means that accident and emergency services can be called out to an incident faster, potentially saving lives.

Aron Sopp, head of Call Centre Operations at Sopp+Sopp said: “Rapid liability assessment and third-party intervention are essential when reducing claims costs, so being alerted and having access to immediate video footage of an incident along with supporting telematics data is essential.”

Is it time to start investing into a 3G vehicle cam? The benefits are clear and could help reduce claim time, increase the ease of the claim process, help protect your vehicle, and business from theft, and ultimately save you money in the long-run!