A route to sourcing convicted insurance

A route to sourcing convicted insurance Getting insurance if you have any kind of criminal conviction can be difficult and expensive. Some insurers will refuse even people with minor convictions unrelated to their driving, but the good news is that there are specialist insurers out there who can help with affordable convicted insurance if [...]

Would You Trust A Self Driving Car?

Would You Trust A Self Driving Car? With all this excitement and innovation in the field of autonomous vehicles, there is still an atmospheric tension that people can’t seem to shake. Especially when one considers that in order to drive you have to be trained by an expert to have a keen eye, firm [...]

Convictions don’t affect eligibility for Motor Trade Insurance

We’ve all done things we’re not proud of, whether that’s in our reckless youth or in a more recent moment of madness, and perhaps got some sort of criminal conviction as a result of it. The important thing is that you’ve learned from your mistakes, and you’ve moved on to better things. It may be [...]

Does your postcode affect your insurance?

Whether you're a taxi driver, courier, driving instructor, or motor trader, the law requires you to have insurance. Depending on your experience, past claims, age, sex, and driving history, your insurance premium will vary. However, most people are not aware that your postcode is also accounted for in the insurance process, and can have an [...]

The mistake that could leave you with a £271 fine plus a ban from driving

Millions of us often do it without giving it a second thought, but if you’re caught, you could be left with a hefty fine and a ban from driving. The offence? The perhaps seemingly innocent one of loaning your car to a friend. If that person doesn’t have the right insurance to drive the car, you as the owner may be convicted of an IN 12 offence, or one that means you have colluded in the procuring of a vehicle “uninsured against third party risks.” […]

As car sales soar – mind the insurance GAP

In September, registered sales of new vehicles reached their highest level on record, across business, fleet insurance and private sales. So far in 2015, over a couple of million cars have been registered, the first time the two million milestone has been passed in 11 years. […]

A worrying amount of Ghost Brokers are emerging!

A BBC investigation into the recent increase in fraudulent brokers throughout the motor trade industry has seen the emergence of conmen, who are known as “ghost brokers” throughout the motoring industry. […]

Ford Profits Fall Short after Lack of sales

Ford managed to shift 1.57 million vehicles last year, a rather impressive amount; but for the world’s second largest car manufacturer it’s not quite good enough. […]

Almost New Car Sales Down 12% for first Quarter

Since December, the second hand sales of cars that are 1-5 years old has fallen a staggering 12% according to a recent BCA Pulse report. […]

Loophole of car tax claims thousands of motorists

It is estimated that more than 100,000 Vehicles are likely to be clamped this year compared to 60,000 last year. The reason, a huge surge of unknowingly void tax claims on purchased motors. […]