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The Facebook Marketplace – Is The Courier Industry About To Get a Whole Lot Busier?

The Facebook Marketplace - Is The Courier Industry About To Get a Whole Lot Busier? So what is Facebook Marketplace? Quite simply, it’s a new feature coming soon to Facebook allowing users to buy and sell items in a similar fashion to Ebay. The idea started as a simple concept; people would create groups for [...]

New Van Registrations Soar – The Highest in 15 Years!

New Van Registrations Soar – The Highest in 15 Years! A 1.9% increase in the registration of new vans in September spells the largest increase of its kind in 15 years. SMMT (the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) reported that 59,857 units were registered last month alone. Pick-up trucks lead the rampant increase with [...]

Would You Trust A Self Driving Car?

Would You Trust A Self Driving Car? With all this excitement and innovation in the field of autonomous vehicles, there is still an atmospheric tension that people can’t seem to shake. Especially when one considers that in order to drive you have to be trained by an expert to have a keen eye, firm [...]

Demand for telematics equipment increasing as people realise cost benefits

Demand for telematics equipment increasing as people realise cost benefits If you are responsible for vehicle fleet insurance, chances are that you are aware of the benefits of telematics. Telematics equipment can be installed into the vehicles of drivers to monitor various aspects of their driving, such as speed, any sudden movements, braking and [...]

What insurance should couriers have?

What insurance should couriers have? As of 2016, it’s estimated that 80% of Britons shop online, and the digital shopping industry is now said to be worth in excess of £52 billion per annum. Of course, this means that there are now an increasing number of couriers on the roads in order to fulfil [...]

How To Lower Your Courier Insurance Premium

We know that as Couriers the backbone of your business is your mobility. In order to deliver and carry goods you need to be insured and know that you have all your avenues covered in case of a worst case scenario incident. It would be much better to know that whatever the case, your insurer [...]

Knowledge Is Power – Know Your Courier Insurance

If you have been a courier already, then you may be well aware of the insurance requirements that come along with the business. If you are looking to venture into the industry than this may be your first time reading up on how courier insurance works. In that case this article could help inform you on how courier insurance works, and furthermore how you can save on your courier premium. […]

Insuring your new courier venture

As the new year gets going, many people are looking for ways to pinch the pennies and make savings for the year to come. One of those money-making plans could be to take on a second income, such as courier work. Demand for couriers is growing as retail moves toward internet shopping, so there are likely to be plenty of opportunities open. It is a popular way for many people to bring in extra cash, because the hours can be so flexible and the area covered is up to you. Essentially, you will be your own boss. With so many benefits, it is easy to see why becoming a courier is so appealing. […]

Do you need GIT cover?

If you’re a courier, your van is your office, your workspace, and your livelihood – you can’t afford to be off the road. Whether you own the vehicle yourself, or it’s part of a fleet, it’s got to keep going efficiently, both day and night and in all weathers, because that’s what your customers expect. Wherever your deliveries send you, you need to be sure that what you’re carrying is insured just as well as your vehicle is, which is where Goods In Transit (GIT) cover becomes necessary. […]

Could you courier for cash this Christmas?

As online shopping grows in popularity, the influx of parcels on the postal service over the festive season gets bigger year on year. For many retailers, the solution has been to contract the services of a courier company, and that means that there are plenty of couriering jobs available over the Christmas season. […]