Regular Car Maintenance can Help Prevent Driving Instructor Insurance Quotes from Inflating

It is inevitable that learner drivers will stall, over-rev, ride the clutch and brake too hard – it is all part of the learning curve. […]

Normal insurance cover is not enough for learner drivers.

Many driving instructors may think as they simply operate a car for their business that the only insurance requirement they need is to have car insurance. This is certainly not the case as there are so many more considerations that need to be taken into account if you are a driving instructor, such as the safety of your student driver. To make sure you and your students are fully protected, it is vital that you ensure you have comprehensive driving instructor insurance as you will then be fully prepared in the event of a claim. […]

Setting Up As A Driving Instructor – Here’s What You Need To Know First And Foremost

Deciding to become a driving instructor is one of those decisions that a lot of people make because they’re not entirely happy in their current job, enjoy driving and helping others and go by the belief that as people are always going to want to drive, it’s in effect going to be a job for life. […]