Lots Looking to Car Share as Prices Rise

With the current financial situation, keeping your costs low is essential and many are looking at ways to get rid of the non-essentials.  One of these is the humble car.  Whereas in times of plenty the car is seen as almost irreplaceable, people have found ways to cope without their four wheeled friend.  One of the big winners has been car sharing and car hiring companies. […]

Improving Driver Behaviour and Working with Brokers Can Lower Commercial Fleet Insurance

Commercial fleets can consist of a lot of vehicles and using a broker to obtain a canopy insurance package to cover them all, is the best way to keep insurance low.  Beyond that, the best way to keep quote prices at a minimum is to train drivers to be extra professional when taking to the road. […]

What is Telematics Software and how can it lower Motor Fleet Insurance Quotes?

The future could see all vehicles equipped with advanced telematics software which can update insurers in real time about the driver’s behaviour.  Quotes will be based on the results and careful motorists will be rewarded with cheaper protection. […]

Whatever vehicles your company’s fleet consists of, make sure it is all protected with fleet insurance

If you own a business that requires a fleet of vehicles to operate on a daily basis, you should make sure you are appropriately covered in the event of a claim being made against one of the drivers or one of your vehicles in your fleet. […]

Take out comprehensive fleet insurance to avoid risking the reputation of your company

If you own a business you want to offer the best service as possible to your customers. There are a wide variety of different businesses however one particular business which constantly needs to offer the most efficient yet quality service is those that consist of a fleet of vehicles. […]

Expert fleet insurance ensures you are covered for all risks

If you own a business that operates a large fleet of vehicles you will know better than anyone that you can never be fully prepared for the risks that could happen on public motorways and roads. However, even for risks that you can prepare for it simply is never worth going out comprehensive fleet insurance. Fleet insurance ensures that your range of vehicles is all adequately covered in the event of a claim. […]