Importance of Having Car Trade Insurance

To have a proper car trade insurance policy in place has never been more important. A recent garage theft where it was in fact an employee who stole the vehicle from the garage is a prime example where a full policy is vital. A recent news article reads: A mechanic has been jailed after he [...]

Latest comment from Insurance Brokers on Referral Fees

In the last 11 years, the cost of personal injuries has doubled to approximately £14 billion and fraud remains the biggest threat to motor insurers. One veteran insurance broker gives their opinion on both issues. Riscx Insurance is a motor trade insurance comparison specialist in kent. The firm has been operating since before Labour legalised referral [...]

Cutting Costs and Improving Your Bottom Line in the Motor Trade

We’re in a bit of a fix around the country at the moment.  The financial difficulties that have beset the world have hit a lot of families hard, so it’s no surprise to see a lot of small businesses go under.  One area that has remained protected from these problems, however, is the motor trade.  [...]

Careless Car Parking Costing Innocent Drivers

The cost of accidents caused by careless car parking is thought to have contributed to £1.3 million worth of damage, a recent study has revealed. Apparently 1 in 6 drivers would never leave their insurance details and 45% would only consider it if it looked serious, despite careless car parking costing a reported £1.3 billion [...]

Motor Traders Insurance Critical as Used Cars Rise in Forecourt Value

Riscx Insurance, specialist insurance brokers in the motor trade industry, have expressed concern for dealers about the rise in used car values.  Finding the right stock for the right price, to then go on and sell, is becoming more difficult and Riscx believe extensive protection for these cars is even more essential than before. Riscx have [...]

Effective motor trade insurance doesn’t mean paying high costs

As there are so many different types of motor trade businesses, such as MOT test centres and those who sell or buy vehicles, it can sometimes be confusing over what level of insurance cover you need. This confusion may lead some motor traders to think that as motor trade insurance is such a specialised form [...]