The BMW M6 Coupe – Test Drive

The BMW Blog recently headed to California to test drive the latest BMW M6 Competition Package. BMW M6 Coupe is one of those cars that turns heads wherever you go. BMW Blog have recently taken it for a test drive in California. […]

Rising profits within car sales

Profitability within the dealership side of the motortrade industry continued to grow in to the month of April. This is a year on year improvement of 36.4% on average. Mike Jones, chairman of ASE said this should be considered “creditable performance” considering the impact of the Easter bank holiday and a sales dip that tends to follow the Change of plate in March. […]

Does your insurance policy properly cover you?

Motor Trade Insurance provides must have cover for extreme situations. Insurance offers peace of mind but can often be misleading and not actual cover you properly if you provided in-accurate of took out the wrong policy. Many traders often choose not to read the policy specifics with an out of site, out of mind attitude. […]

Can you afford to buy a used car in 2014

According to Money Supermarket, three times more of us buy used cars than new. Consulting three motor trade experts, here we aim to determine the factors that should be at the forefront of buyers’ minds, if any particular rules of thumb can help guide us to a bargain, and to inform motor trade dealers as to the most attractive stock for their forecourts. […]

Affecting factors to Motor Trade Insurance

Most business owners are, quite rightly, keen to keep their business expenditure under control and this is especially the case when you are setting up a new business. So, let’s have a look at some of the factors that affect the cost of a motor trade insurance policy. However, do bear in mind that whilst any saving that can be made is to be welcomed it is important that you have the right level of cover in place to protect all aspects of your business. […]

Get back on the road without pricey premiums with convicted van insurance

It is bad enough being subject to a driving conviction when you drive as part of your job but one of the worst things about being a van driver and having a conviction held against you is the financial implications that it can bring. […]

Spending a little now could save a lot in the future with convicted driver insurance

For those with driving convictions, there is no doubt about it that convictions ranging from drink driving to speeding offences can land you in a spot of trouble. What is also certain is that once you claim for the conviction with your insurance provider this can result in costly premiums. A standard policy would see drivers with convictions as a high risk and charge these expensive monthly premiums. […]

Lower the cost of your insurance premiums with convicted driver insurance

If you have driving convictions you may see your insurance cost going up or could trouble to find the best insurance policy. This is because many insurance companies see convicted drivers as a risk so charge them costly premiums to compensate on this. However, if you are really eager to get your driving back on track you should invest in ways to help lower your insurance costs to get you back on the road. One way to do this is to take out convicted driver insurance. There are a range of different specialised insurance policies for drivers with convictions to help you get back on the road. […]