The cold, icy weather is starting to hit the UK as winter sets in, and many business owners will be considering the safety of their fleet vehicles during the coming months. There are lots of ways to make work cars and delivery vans a little bit safer during bad weather, including fitting specialised winter tyres which prevent skids and slides when driving on snow and frozen roads. While this is a sensible action to take, it is not always clear how much this will end up costing you when it comes to insuring those vehicles. Are you covered if you have the cars fitted with winter tyres, or will you be subject to higher premiums as a result of the modification?
Many insurers do charge extra fees if a vehicle has been modified, because those modifications can raise the car’s value and potential for theft, while also going against the manufacturer’s specifications and reducing the car’s resale value. As a result, insuring it is more of a risk. However, the majority of insurers do not consider winter tyres a modification so this additional cost should not apply. Some insurers may even reward you for taking safety precautions and lowering your risk level. If you are considering fitting safer tyres on your fleet vehicles this winter but find the cost makes you hesitate, the knowledge that you will not be charged extra on your insurance should help to sway your decision.