There has been a drop in the standard of driving compared to 5 years ago 89% of drivers feel according to a survey carried out by Auto Express Magazine.

By the same token, only 15% of drivers admitted to their own driving standards being worst with a great majority expressing their standards of driving had actually improved! These inconsistent figures suggest that although driving standards may have fallen, it is everyone else that is to blame with few drivers willing to accept part of the responsibility.

Professor Stephen Glaister, Director of the RAC Foundation, commented, “We all like to think the best of our own abilities, but perhaps we should take a good look at ourselves in the rear view mirror and realise that really none of us are perfect drivers.”

Neil Greig, Director of Policy and Research for the IAM, added, “The fear of worsening driving standards is at an all-time high – however, our roads have never been safer. If people want safer roads they should look at improving their own skills and standards.”

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