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Looking for a Fleet Insurance policy that will safeguard your entire fleet and any aspects you wish to have protected?

We work with some of the industries leading fleet insurance brokers to help find you a competitive fleet policy.

Our brokers are able to cover all fleets from 3 vehicles up. Whether your fleet be mixed or just one type of vehicle, you can be sure they have a policy for.

  • Up To 43% Off Your Policy!
  • 1 form searches a large panel of brokers!
  • Flexible payment plans available.
  • Cover for all Fleets from 3 vehicles up.
  • Mixed Fleets welcome
  • Immediate cover available
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Tailored Motor Fleet Insurance

Protect your fleet with the right policy in the event of an accident. Our brokers motor fleet insurance can cover all types of vehicles whether its cars, HGVs, trucks or vans and even offers mixed fleet cover. Cover for any drivers over 21 is available (subject to terms and conditions) and our specialist brokers will also assess your individual circumstances to find a policy that meets your personal needs.

Tailor your policy for added security with the help of our specialist brokers and compare prices from top level insurers – thanks to our commitment in maintaining good relationships with key contacts.

Commercial Fleet Insurance:

You may not necessarily be in business to take out a fleet car insurance policy; it may just be that you have two or more cars you want protecting. We can help with this and make it easier for you to insure your vehicles as a fleet.

How to Get a Fleet Insurance Quote Today

Our brokers fleet vehicle insurance can include immediate cover, flexible payment options and is able to accommodate specialist haulage and courier fleets. To find out more just give our experienced brokers a ring on 0203 826 1453 – we will be more than happy to help you on what you may need. Alternatively, just fill out the online form which only takes a couple of minutes and you can get a quick fleet insurance quote!

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