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A good Home Insurance policy is not only a legal requirement but also provides peace of mind that your home and personal possessions are safe.

We work with leading property insurance brokers who have decades of experience in finding competitive policies that are there for you should you ever need it.

As a home owner, quite often the biggest asset you own will indeed be your home, thats why we strive to protect it for you against any unfortunate circumstances that may arise.

With us, our brokers will ask you a few simple questions that will often lead to better cover and prices that you would not get with an automated aggregator.

  • Water supply system failure (including blocked toilets and external drains within the boundaries of the property)
  • Cover for Electricity failure
  • Cover for Gas leak
  • Cover for primary heating failure or breakdown
  • Failure of, or damage to, external door & window locks
  • Pest infestation (wasp/hornet’s nests, house/field mice, cockroaches and rats)
  • Non-standard construction (E.g. flat roof, listed buildings)
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