To have a proper car trade insurance policy in place has never been more important. A recent garage theft where it was in fact an employee who stole the vehicle from the garage is a prime example where a full policy is vital.

A recent news article reads:

A mechanic has been jailed after he stole and wrote off a car an MOT centre.

The employee stole the Renault Clio from the car garage and drove at speeds in excess of 70mph through built up areas and speed limit zones of 20mph before finally crashing the car into a bus a and crippling his passenger.

The driver had already been banned from driving with more the 90 previous convictions including dozens of motoring offences the Lancashire Evening post reported. The mechanic took the car whilst under the influence of drugs and alcohol with 2 other passengers and without permission of the garage owner.

The occupants of the car all suffered severe injuries resulting in the driver being jailed for 3 years and 4 months.

The client of the garage was extremely disgruntled after his car was scrapped and crushed with poor communication and without permission.

The above example is more of an extreme motor insurance case but through a combined policy that covers all business aspects, it is possible to cover all fees and settlements by claiming on the insurance.

It is however important that all car dealerships or garages thoroughly
vet their staff to eradicate instances like this. It will also be cheaper to add staff who have no convictions to your motor trade insurance policy.

Above everything, this story goes to show anything can happen and that insurance is a must!