If you operate in a trade related to motors then, by law, you need to have motor trade insurance.

Your line of business might be tyre-fitting services, the professional valeting of vehicles, car dealerships, or emergency breakdown and recovery services.

Without motor trade insurance, you would be breaking the law and could face prosecution and possible hefty fines.

With a choice of motor trade insurance policies to choose from, it’s worth noting that such cover will protect all aspects of your company. This includes all of your business assets and premises and all associated liability. It’s reassuring to know that all your staff and equipment are also covered by the insurance policy’s protection.

This insurance is cheaper and proves more affordable than buying a policy for private car insurance.


Motor trade insurance gives you coverage for a number of vehicles under the umbrella of one policy. This means you do not have to pay more money for individual vehicles. This is how it differs from a private car insurance policy, which covers just one vehicle.

Other reasons to take motor trade insurance:

* You can make alterations to a vehicle without the need to pay more insurance money.

* You are covered for more risks because of the extra risks associated with employees, customers and third parties that are associated with a motor trade business.

* The third party is covered as well. Unlike a private car insurance policy, a motor trade insurance policy even covers damage to the third party in the event of the motor trade business’s management’s negligence.