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Riscx Motor Trade Insurance Comparison deal heavily within the traders industry. In association with one of the UK’s leading brokers, there is not a trader that we cannot cover. Whether you have a good or bad claims history, work full time or part time, we can find insurance for you!

Apply for your quote now and we shall start searching instantly, we can even quote within 3 minutes! You may be surprised how much we can save you!

Combined Motor Trade Insurance

A combined cover can protect your business against all risky aspects of the motoring industry. A combined traders insurance will cover you, the work you do and the premises your trade from. Suited for tyre fitters, car dealers and many other premises based traders.

Road Risk Only Insurance

Road Risk Only Cover is ideal for car valeters, roadside mechanics or any trader who does not trade from a premises. If all your work is done on the road and going to your clients location, then rod risk insurance is the cover for you.

Part Time Motor Trade Insurance

Riscx are also able to cover part time traders. If you only work on a weekend or evening around another full time job, our part time trade insurance may well be the ideal solution for protecting your business.

Traders Insurance

Traders Insurance is another term for motor trade insurance. It covers all the same aspects in all the same ways as a traditional motortrade policy. Riscx are Traders Cover experts that can cover any type of trader.

To find out how to add and remove vehicles from your traders policy, head over to askMID.

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Why use Riscx Insurance?

The insurers we connect you with have been providing insurance to traders and other businesses alike for decade. Our brokers have a good reputation for being some of the cheapest yet most flexible and reliable motor trade brokers in the country. Working closely with our board of high profile insurers, we constantly evolve to bring the best possible cover.

We can offer insurance cover for:

We are specialist Motor Trade insurance brokers who cover:

  • Service, MOT and Repair garages
  • Vehicle Body Builders
  • Private and Commercial Vehicle Repairers
  • Part Time Traders
  • Vehicle Breakdown & Recovery Agents
  • Vehicle Collection & Delivery Agents
  • Mobile Mechanics
  • Body Shops

Why Choose Riscx Motortrade?

  • We offer insurance from just £9.61 a week!
  • We have exclusive rates
  • Specialist motor trade broker
  • We can quote within 3 minutes AND cover you instantly.
  • Fast documentation.
  • UK call centre with well trained advisors
  • Flexible payment plans

Latest Motoring News

Almost New Car Sales Down 12% for first Quarter

Since December, the second hand sales of cars that are 1-5 years old has fallen a staggering 12% according to a recent BCA Pulse report.
Statistics show a decline from an average £23,075 sale of each ‘nearly new’ car in December to £20,208 in March of 2015. As well as this, BCA reports show that the average value of used car sales in regards to used car auctions has also fallen by 3.7% in March compared to February, so does this mean that we can expect a massive crash in the market of almost new cars?
Well, not really; Simon Henstock, BCA’s UK operations director said: “Despite volumes continuing to rise in the wholesale sector, demand was steady across the range of stock on offer at BCA in March.
In other words, the variation of sales techniques by car dealerships over the UK has a lot to play in the impact of sales, and statistics tend to disregard this – “we saw greater volumes from dealer part-exchange sources and this shift in the model mix impacted the headline value.” Henstock continued to add.
It is important to note just how much the time of year can play an important role in changing the market; the Easter holidays and lead up to the General election may have more of an impact on the sales of cars than we may think, according to Henstock, “this could cause some uncertainty in the market”.
On the whole, the average dealership part-exchange values have finally risen by 3.5% after a 3 month decline, and year-on-year values have risen by 7.1%, so perhaps it’s not all doom and gloom for the sales of used cars throughout the UK.

Car salesmen reveal their worst nightmares

A leasing firm has revealed nightmare stories of car salesmen’s weird, expensive and downright hilarious test drive experiences.

4 things you should know before a track day

If money was no object, we would probably all like a high performance supercar or a vintage classic sitting on the driveway. Since that’s not likely to be a reality, a track day can be a great way to experience the thrill of driving a high-end car, without the hefty price tag.

Most reckless driving distractions revealed!

It’s well known that being distracted at the wheel is a leading cause of accidents. Now a new survey for an insurance firm in the States has revealed some of the most unbelievable ones.

It found that a range of offences which were confessed to, including taking selfies while driving.

According to the study, just over two fifths (42%) of motorists admitted they engaged in distracting behaviour while in control of their vehicles, and one in five even admitted that they only behave that way when they are on their own in the car.

A senior executive at the firm which commissioned the study said: “Anything causing a driver to stop concentrating on the road can be classed as a distraction.

“We found motorists admitting to a broad range of potentially dangerous, distracting activities.”

The poll was carried out online earlier this year among 1,915 adults, all of whom were aged at least 18.

Among the most common were:

• Romantic encounter/kissing – 15%, with more men having admitted to doing this than women.
• Styling or combing hair – 15%.
• Changing clothes – 9%. We’re trying not to think about this one two much! Truly the mind boggles …
• Putting on make-up – 8%, with another 1% admitting to curling eyelash. Making up may be hard to do, but it’s even harder if you are controlling a vehicle at the same time.
• Flossing or brushing teeth – 4%. It seems the worst offenders are drivers in their mid-fifties to mid-sixties.
• Taking selfies – 4%. Again, the mind truly boggles. There is no way you can handle a car and a mobile phone at the same time.
• Changing drivers – 3%. Again, there is no way you can do this safely.
• Going to the toilet – 3%. We’re sorry, we know this one isn’t particularly pleasant. It seems that men are the worst offenders. What’s wrong with using a service station in the usual manner?

Some of these may defy belief. But there is a serious message here, whatever you drive. If you’re behind the wheel of car, you can’t do anything else.

Motor Trade Insurance Guides

What is Motortrade Insurance?

Find out more about what motor trade insurance is.

Save money on your insurance cover

If you are looking to save money on your motor trade insurance, head over and check out our money saving guide above.

Updating MID

Unsure on how to update the MID. Use our guide above. Alternatively Head over to the MID Website.

Checking clients Tax and MOT's

Check your clients Tax and MOT, go the extra mile for your traders business.

Starting your own Motor Trade Business

Want help and advice on starting your own traders insurance business.

Why do I need Trade Insurance

Find out why traders insurance is so essential.

Making a traders insurance claim

In the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim, start by calling the insurer who your policy is written with..

So that claims can be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible and keep business disruption minimal, please contact them as soon as possible and no longer than 48 hours after the incident.

Who arranges the recovery of a vehicle?

This will depend on your insurer. Typically insurers work with approved recovery agents but they may recover vehicles themselves. Vehicles will be recovered to an approved repair garage or free storage compound.

Who arranges the repairs to my vehicle?

The repairer is appointed by either you, your insurer or our motor trader claims department. Quotes for repairs will need to be submitted to us or your insurer to approve the cost or repair.

How long do vehicle repairs take?

It goes without saying that you will want your vehicle back as soon as possible, and Riscx motor claims will work hard to ensure you have you vehicle back as soon as possible. Once the cost of the repairs has been agreed, typically the repairer will be in touch within 24hrs to organise the work. Delays will be kept to a minimal but it can sometimes take a while to get car parts in.

I'm a repairer. Can I carry out my own repairs or use my own garage?

Yes, you may repair or use your own repair garage. However, an insurer representative will need to visit to verify the damage. Using your insurers garages however normally means a quicker payout and turnaround time.

Are replacement vehicles available whilst my vehicle is being repaired?

This can depend on your traders insurance policy but normally yes a replacement vehicle is available.

What if the vehicle is still under the Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Riscx and your insurer will have access to manufacturer approved repair garages. By using these garages there is no impairment on your manufacturer's warranty.

What happens if the cost of repairs is below the cover access?

If the accident is your fault, it would be expected that you would pay for the repairs in full yourself (as this would be cheaper). Should the accident be the cause of a third party, providing you have legal protection, we would help you claim back the cost of repairs from the third parties cover.

What should I do if my insurer tells me my vehicle is non-repairable and I don't agree with their decision or valuation.

Riscx motor claims will discuss with you about what you don't agree with. We shall then ask for examples of your car being sold privately to a similar specification as the one involved in the accident. With this we shall then discuss with your insurer a new settlement.

Do I still pay an access even if the incident was not my fault?

No, you do not pay if you are claiming direct on the third parties cover. If you are claiming on your comprehensive cover, then you would pay the excess and we would then claim this back for you.

Can I claim directly on the traders insurance of the person who caused the accident?

Yes, this is known as claiming via the third party.

Am I able to claim for additional costs not covered by my motor trade insurance policy?

Yes, Riscx will assist you in claiming back for everything you are legally entitled to.

What happens if the quality of repairs are not up to standard?

All approved repairers have to comply to a PAS 125 standard. This is the industry agreed standard of repairs and guaranteed for up to 5 years. Should you not be happy though, report it to our traders insurance claims department and we shall report it to your insurer for further investigation.

What should I do when I receive a call from the Third Parties Insurer?

Following an accident, you will receive a call from the third parties insurer. Unless it has already been agreed, do not assume responsibility. Riscx motor claims will be in touch and will also inform you where possible who is likely to call what should be said.

Is and how will my policy be affected by a fault/non-fault claim?
  • If you are at fault for the incident, you no claim bonus will be affected unless you have protect them with a protected no claims policy.
  • If it is agreed between all parties that you are not at fault for the incident, then nothing on your policy will be affected.
  • If you are comprehensively insured, your insurer may reduce your no claims discount until they have recovered their costs.

In essence, your premium is only affected when you are at fault. If you are involved in an motoring incident, your file will remain open until sufficient evidence is given to say who has claimed responsibility. If this is the third party and their insurer has accepted that their client is at fault, then your file will be closed with no affect on your policy amount.

I have been injured and had time off from work though the motoring incident, can I claim for this?

If you have received an injury that has caused you to take time off work through an accident that was not your fault, then we can point you in the direction of legal professionals who can help you claim for this. These claims can take a while to go through and will require both evidence from your employer and doctor to say you were off work and suffered loss of earnings.

Looking for the cheapest motor trade insurance policy available?

We have been insuring motor traders and other commercial businesses alike for over 15 years. We have developed a good reputation for being one of the cheapest yet most flexible and reliable motor trade brokers in the country. Working closely with our board of high profile insurers, we constantly evolve to bring the best possible cover.

Motor trade insurance explained with Riscx Motor Traders Insurance

Motor trade cover is for anyone working within the motor trade industry. Traders Insurance differs from normal cover as it provides protection for any vehicle within your possession at the time.

You will need proof that you are a motor trader with a motor trade business to be accepted for motor trade insurance.

Basic principles of traders insurance

Some level of cover, with a minimum of road risk cover being legal, it is essential for anyone in the motor trade industry, whether running a garage, buying and selling vehicles or carrying out repairs and servicing.

Motor trade insurance differs from a personal car cover by only naming the driver to be insured, and not a particular vehicle. This is because you are being insured to use any vehicle for motor trade purposes. Whether the vehicle is yours, or a customer’s, if your name is included on the policy, you are covered.

The bare minimum of traders insurance legally required is Third Party, which covers you for any injuries sustained to others or damage to their property in the course of your operations. As well as for traders, it is required for those running an MOT centre or garage, providing repairs, restoring vehicles, and by fitters, valets and mobile tuners.

Traders we cover (not limited to) are:

  • Car and vehicle sales
  • Vehicle repairs and servicing
  • Vehicle importers
  • Vehicle breakers
  • Vehicle valeting
  • Vehicle breakdown recovery operators
  • MOT test garages
  • Body repairs
  • Mechanical work
  • Motor engineering
  • Vehicle tuning
With a motor traders insurance policy, will I be insured to drive any car?

No, although a traders insurance policy is designed to cover more vehicles, it does also come with restrictions. You will need to tell us if you will be driving imports, high-performance cars and unusual vehicles on a regular basis. The car also needs to be associated with your work. This can be picking up client vehicles to be repaired or serviced. It does not include however driving a friends car to the shop and back.

Who is covered to drive on a traders policy?

Any driver that is named on the policy may drive the vehicles for motor trade use. You may get policies that cover any driver over 25 etc but they are more expensive.

There are also certain restrictions. For instance, you can only drive a clients car for motor trade use, you will not be covered for social use on a clients car. You will however be covered on certain vehicles you own for social as well and motor trade use. These may include a works van etc. Always check with your insurer first though as policies may differ.

You may take out demonstration cover, this cover entitles a customer to drive a vehicle in your possession providing someone named on the motor trade policy is with them.

Why do I need a motor traders policy?

If you work in the motor trade industry, you will come across increased risk's where a normal private policy will not cover you. A traders policy also covers you to work with clients cars whereas your private cover will not.

What are the differences between a road risk and combined motor trade insurance policy?

Road risks motor trade insurance will allow you to drive vehicles that are in your possession only. It allows for risks associated with the road and road only. Tools may not be covered in this policy with premises not being covered.

A combined motor trade insurance policy however covers a whole lot of areas including premises and employees of yours. It can come with liability and public liability cover if required.

Why is traders insurance more expensive for under 25s?

Like private car insurance, under 25's are deemed at higher risk of having an accident. This is also backed up by statistical evidence.

How can I save money on my motor trade insurance?

There are several ways to bring down the cost of your traders premium. The best ways is to choose a more basic policy, but this also only offers basic cover and a fully comprehensive policy may not be much more.

You may choose to up your excess, upping your excess means you will pay more in the invent of an accident but it could also save you a few pounds on your policy. Careful drivers with good claims discount often opt this this type of saving.

Keep the number of drivers down on your motor trade insurance policy. If you have more drivers, it is assumed more time will be spent on the roads and therefore increase the risk level.

Only take out cover for what you need, covering a whole bunch of stuff that you don't require will quickly push up your premium.

Ask if you can mirror your private no claims discount. Some insurers won't allow this whereas some will. You may also be able to transfer your no claims discount from private policy to your traders policy.

Always make sure though that you have adequate cover, its OK to save a few pounds here and there but never jeopardise your ability to cover an accident should you be to blame.

Save money on your insurance cover How many vehicles must I buy and sell to be a part-time motor trader?

To be considered for a motor trade insurance policy you will need to be trading several vehicles throughout the year and be seen to be making profit from buying and selling. Although you do not need to trade hundreds of vehicles, you insurer will want to see a handful of sales each month.

I repair from home, do I need motor trade insurance?

Yes, even if you work from home you will still need traders insurance. As a mechanic by trade, regardless of where you trade from, you will still be dealing with other peoples cars and likely to be driving them up and down the road to test drive your repair work.

A traders policy for working from home is likely to be cheaper and there is a lower risk associated with the work location but your activity with other vehicles will still mean you need a motor trade policy.

Can I use my private no claims discount on my motor trader scover?

Yes, most insurers will allow your to transfer your private no claims discount to your traders insurance. This does however mean you are likely to forfeit your no claims on your private policy. Some insurers however do allow you to mirror your no claims discount.

Are there restrictions for covering vehicles?

Yes, every policy will have restrictions. High-performance, high-value or imported vehicles are unlikely to be covered. You can however ask for add-ons to your policy to enable you to drive these vehicles.

Will a range of motor trade insurance quotes be on offer or are you tied to one insurer?

Riscx will have access to a wide range of motor trade quotations. We work with an extensive board of high profile insurers to help bring you the best policy.

We will of course provide you with the cheapest quote based on your motor trade requirements but can always change policy type or insurer at any stage.

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