Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!

A vast array of factors will influence prices on your insurance quote when it comes to ensuring your motors, and everybody wants the cheapest deal possible right? That’s why in this blog we will be explaining something that you may not have thought about. Preparation!

What do we mean by this? Well; put simply, it’s the little things that make a difference, take you alarm systems for example.
One thing that you must make sure of is that business premises alarms meet insurance standards and requirements. Although a cheaper alarm system may initially seem enough to keep your premises safe and secure, an insurance firm may doubt the ability of your alarm and subsequently increase your premium. After all, an insurer needs to feel confident that your assets are secure and protected. This means that skimping on security costs could come back to haunt you. Not only will you have to pay more on your insurance, but most likely will have to pay to get a security system that is NSI/NACOSS or SSAIB certified.

Indeed, it is not uncommon for an insurer to insist that your alarm systems are all linked directly to a police station to ensure maximum protection, and to be honest; you really can’t blame them. If you have £10,000 worth of tools, or even more in work vehicles then you may want to look into systems such as the BT redcare alarm system; it may sting the pocket in the short term but will ensure that you save greatly when it comes to finding an insurer.

As well as preparation in regards to alarms, make sure that you have good physical security on your premises. A minimum of five lever mortis deadlocks on all entrance points is advised as if physical security if less than this an insurer may stay clear of you and not even offer a quote.

Fencing. Fencing can be a huge money saver in regards to insurance. The difference between a flimsy metal fence and a sturdy rhino post/bollard combination makes a noticeable impression on an insurance broker. Even fence spikes, a cheap instalment can go miles when it comes to making your building more secure and look more appealing to insurance brokers.

Starting to sound like a broken record? Good! Make sure you drill these simple tips into your head, after all, preparation, is key to saving money in the long run, even if it may hurt you wallet initially.