If you are looking to save money on your motor trade insurance, read our guide below.

It contains the quickest and most popular ways to save money on your traders insurance cover.

Money saving Tip #1

Limit the amount of drivers. If you can limit the amount of drivers or opt for a named driver’s only policy, premium discounts can be applied to your Motor Trade Insurance quotation. Fewer drivers is associated with lower risk.

Money saving Tip #2

Make sure the level of indemnity is suited to your requirements, a higher level of indemnity will mean a higher cost on your Motor Trade Insurance premium. Avoid insuring for a high level of indemnity that you do not require.

Money saving Tip #3

Use your private vehicle no claims discount. If you have a clean claims history on your private vehicle, in some cases, we can apply that to your motor trade insurance policy. It can also be mirrored subject to proof.

Money saving Tip #4

Be specific on your requirements, road risk only policies can have limits to what they can and can’t cover, this is however reflected in the price of your Motor Trade Insurance premium.

Money saving Tip #5

Install security devices and CCTV to your premises. If you have a premises, installing CCTV and security means your property is better protected lowering the level of risk associated with your motor trade insurance policy.

You can apply for motor traders insurance with Riscx Insurance. We will ask you the above questions to better help save you money!