Try your hand at social media

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are great advertising tools and can often help spread the word of your business; as well as spreading awareness and funnelling traffic to your business, social media allows direct engagement with your potential customers. We feel this is essential, as directly engaging with your clientele can help bolster popularity and sales!

Managing social media can be extremely time consuming, and at Riscx we understand that, however the time investment can lead to a huge pay-off. Try to maintain a schedule of when to post news, answer FAQ’s or advertise your business.

Try and keep the information you post relevant, if a customer joins your group in order to find information out about your company, and the information you give them on the page has no relation to the services you are offering, it could detract from what you are offering and thus, cause a loss of interest with the customer.

Select a target audience and cater to them

Motor trade has a huge audience and thus it is important that you capitalise on this. Just think – how many people do you know that don’t own a car? I’m guessing not as many as those that DO own one – there are 32 million cars on the road in the UK alone, which means that there is great potential to successfully advertise.

Try and narrow your target audience a little though; by catering more directly to a select group you will be able to build a better relationship up with your customers

  • Are your target customers huge car fans? If they are it would make sense to post information about different cars, from old classics to the latest and greatest sports cars being released.
  • Are your target audience local or distributed amongst many different towns and cities? If they are local then local news may interest them; posting information that is directly relevant to your target audience will interest them, and in turn make more likely to listen to what you have to say in the future.

Create a rapport

By responding directly to customers it will do a few things; firstly it will answer their questions, or provide them with information which will point them in the right direction; being helpful and going the extra mile with a customer will always create an impact, one that will make your brand, company or service memorable, and thus, will help spread the word of your business, generating more potential customers in the future.

Also, the last tip from us is to try and turn negativity into positivity; dealing with complains and unhappy customers may happen from time to time; after all, information may get mixed up, or human error may occur – if you resolve a situation quickly, positively and professionally however then you may be able to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one. As we said before, this will create a lasting impact on the customer and may cause them to have a change of heart, customer loyalty is key, and must be created via positive services and a happy rapport with the customer and the business.