We all know that in almost every area of life, it’s a good idea, if not downright essential, to have good insurance coverage – and that means knowing what you’re looking for in a good policy. Driving instructor insurance is essential for anyone making a living from teaching people to drive but just what does it entail?

To insure your car for driving lessons, you need to look for a policy that’s issued on what’s called an any driver basis. It means you can teach any driver (with a licence) on the road, regardless of their experience driving or anything else that might make them a higher risk. It will also mean that an examiner is able to drive your vehicle during an examination without first notifying the insurer.

A good policy should also protect you and your business or the company you work for against any claim that is brought as the result of an injury that a pupil may suffer through negligence on your part. If you own a driving school, the same cover can be provided for any instructor using a car insured with your policy.

If it’s a top quality product you’re after, you’ll also be looking out for one which offers replacement dual control vehicle cover, so that you’re able to continue working. Pick a policy which offers you a replacement as soon as possible so that you can carry on teaching and any students with driving tests booked are not inconvenienced.