You can tell just by looking at an HGV that it’s a vehicle capable of causing a fair bit of damage; but there’s also an element of risk involved in driving lorries, tankers and other HGVs – which makes it vitally important that anyone getting behind the wheel is insured to do so.

If you own a HGV or even a fleet of HGVs then investing in HGV insurance is essential – to comply with the law and also for your own safety and peace of mind. It’s also pretty important that you get the right kind of cover – but just what does that entail?

HGV insurance will cover vehicles that weigh over 7.5 tonnes and generally up to 44 tonnes – for reference, the average car weighs under two tonnes! HGVs are large lorries and tankers that are tough to manoeuvre and require a special license to drive – so that’s a must-have too!

Much like regular insurance, you can opt for third party insurance which will provide the least protection for your own vehicle but cost less up front, third party, fire and theft which ups what you’re covered for slightly and fully comprehensive insurance which will be more expensive, but will cover repairs to your vehicle if it’s involved in a crash.

Unlike regular cars, HGVs often have valuable loads, so it’s also important to be covered for the contents of the trailer – so if goods are damaged or stolen, you aren’t liable for the costs.